We are the leading and most reliable go-to Design, Fabrication and Branding agency that specializes in creating and launching brands as well as rebranding.

We conceptuaiize, create, plan, measure, and manage branding strategies for clients, including support in advertising and other forms of promotion.




We are an insight 3D concept developers, Signage fabricators, Retail Marketing and Branding Agency
We do research, design, manufacture and execute advertising solutions that deliver BIG, BOLD and ICONIC brand visibility to the target audiences, and we do it where it matters – in the spaces where people live, work and travel. From urban centers, to busy highways, to where they shop and to the neighborhoods. Over the last 15 years of the director’s experience in branding and advertising, we have built an enviable reputation for consistently providing industrial leading concepts. We ensure our visual communication brings impact and visibility solutions.
We go to great lengths to innovate and ensure that those innovations are brought to life. That’s why we have assembled a specialised team of researchers, strategists, designers, fabricators, logisticians and installers. All working to ensure highest possible quality and brilliant project execution

Why Fabrication Media?

Riding on the 15 years’ experience of the Director in branding and advertising, we have built a long-term good reputation by consistently providing our customers with innovative solutions.

We offer end to end solutions from 3D Concept design, Fabrication, Signage & installation.
We ensure brilliant execution with managable budgets

We have specialized strategy, design, production, logistics and installation teams that ensure quality finishing as well as timely delivery.

Our Mission
To “be the leading 3D Concept developers, Signage, wood/metal fabrication and branding firm in Uganda and beyond”
Our Vision
To grow our clients’ businesses by enabling their brands achieve DOMINANT VISIBILITY.
Our Target
To always deliver in time, offer endless options and possibilities to our esteemed and potential clients in achieving visual communication, brand presence as well as growing together with our clients.


Core Values

Trust Empathy

Results, and timely delivery


Customer-priority, focus
and brand sustainabilty


Constant open line
communication system


Dignity, customer respect
and brand respect


Both company/individual
brand improvement and


Transparency, frequence and reliable
customer update on possible
technological changes

Scope of services we offer to impact

At Fabrication Media Uganda Limited we believe in continuous innovation, creativity and development of talent. Our team of multi-talented designers, engineers and technicians are always innovating and developing new ideas and concepts to match the latest industry trends

Let us help you get your brand noticed!.

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